Why 5 Elements Salon and Spa?

5 Elements Salon and Spa has been providing local Louisville residents a full Salon and Spa experience since 2019. Our building was built in 1903 and was converted to a luxurious space where today, we combine an elegant and modern interior with quality service and an amazing experience!

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Energy IV Infusion

5 Elements Salon and Spa


Energy IV Infusion

If you want to get a powerful energy boost, our energy IV infusion is the perfect solution! By infusing natural vitamins and minerals, this energy-boosting therapy will create energy levels far beyond any energy boosts achieved with energy drinks or supplements. Fast-acting, safe, and incredibly effective, our energy IV infusion has already helped countless individuals regain the energy they need to take on their day. We customize our energy IV infusion drips based on your symptoms to energize you quickly. Our IV therapy services also include IV nutrient infusion and vitamin injections. Call us today to book an appointment!